How Do I Search For An Apartment For Rent on ?
From our homepage, you have 10 provinces to choose from. Choose a province and select a city on the left hand side.
I Have A Place For Rent - How Do I Place A Classified Ad?
To place a classified ad, simply go to our homepage, select a province and click on " Have A Place For Rent ".  It is free in all cities across Canada except the cities in the Greater Toronto Area where it is free for 10 days with the option to pay $10/week.
How Can I View My Ad ?
Ads posted can be searched in 3 ways
1) Performing a regular search
2) Search by Ad#.
3) Log-in from the home page with the Username & Password you included with your ad.
How Do I Renew, Edit or Delete My Classified Rental Ad ?
 Log-in from our home page (top right) with the Username & Password you created when you placed your ad. From here, at anytime you can View/Renew/Edit/Delete your rental ad and add or remove photos as often as you feel necessary at no extra charge.
How Long Does My Ad Run For ?
 Your Ad can run for as long as you need it at no extra charge, as long as you keep renewing it about every 14 days or so.
What If I Forget My Username & Password ?
From our homepage, click on the link that reads " I forgot my Username &  Password " and  it will  be emailed to you. If you forgot your Username & Password and you don't have an email address included with your ad, just email us or give us a call.
What If I Forget To Renew My Ad ?
 Before your Ad is about to expire, an automatic email gets sent out with all the details of how to renew it. If you didn't include an email address with your Ad, it is up to you to renew it. Ads get deleted automatically about 2 weeks after their expiry date.
What Is Our Message Board ?
Landlords can search our " Message Board " and find a suitable tenant. From the home page select a province and then a city. Select "Message Board " on the left hand side of the map.. If you are looking for an apartment for rent, you can place a Free ad on our " Message Board " and include the details of the kind of rental apartment you are looking for. Landlords may contact you if they have an apartment for rent that matches your criteria.