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In the old days of newspaper listings, searching for a new rental home in Saskatchewan would have been difficult and stressful. The good news for you is that with the help of our user-friendly site, you can quickly and easily find the perfect new apartment or house to move into. We are happy to help you locate the perfect bachelor, one bedroom, or multi-bedroom apartment or housing rental in the right area of Saskatchewan.

What sets Saskatchewan apart?

As one of the landlocked plains provinces, the geography of Saskatchewan is very unique in that in addition to teeming with gorgeous boreal forests, the area is also home to the Lake Athabasca Sand Dunes which are the largest active dunes in all of the world, north of 58 degrees.

The southern portion of Saskatchewan also features an area referred to as "The Great Sand Hills" which spans across 300 square kilometers. The diverse landscape of the province makes Saskatchewan a great home for a wide range of plant and animal wild life, and a fascinating place to live and explore. Another perk of the region is the climate. In fact, Saskatchewan receives more hours of sunshine than any other Canadian province!

Where should I live in Saskatchewan?

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan's most densely populated city, is a great spot for those who are interested in cultural affairs such as the arts and live theater. Theater is quite central to the Saskatoon culture and the city boasts a number of live venues and performance groups. Local improve artists, children's entertainers, Shakespearian thespians, and opera singers are amongst the many who perform regularly in Saskatoon.

The city is also known for hosting numerous festivals throughout the years such as the Great Plains Comedy Festival, a Jazz Festival, Children's Festivals, and the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival.

Common neighborhoods for those looking to rent apartment homes are Nutana and Silverwood, whereas those interested in renting single-family homes may look at the Avalon neighborhood which features schools, shopping centers, and parks. A great place for young people to settle is Varsity View which is just south of the University of Saskatchewan.

Regina is another fabulous Saskatchewan city to settle down in. The capitol city which is flourishing in parks is absolutely gorgeous, and can meet the needs of anyone. The area is home to the University of Regina which celebrates music and the fine arts, and the city is dotted with arts centers and performance halls. The neighborhood known as "The Crescents" is the primary section of the city for residential homes, however the "Cathedral Area" (West End) is also a nice place to settle, especially for those looking for a more Bohemian vibe. 

What is the price range for apartments in Saskatchewan?

Monthly rental rates for apartment units in the province of Saskatchewan are reasonably low and are quite similar across the board. In Regina, for example, you can expect to rent a bachelor apartment in the mid $500 range, a one bedroom in the mid $700 range, a two bedroom unit in the upper $800s and a three bedroom for approximately $1100 a month. In Saskatoon, comparatively, a bachelor can be rented for a rate in the low $600s, a one bedroom in the mid $700s, a two bedroom in the low $900s, and a three bedroom in the high $900s.

Find more information about average rent rates in Saskatchewan here.

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