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Canada East Coast Apartments

New Brunswick Apartments

A culturally diverse and pleasant region, New Brunswick is one of the three Canadian maritime provinces which boarders the Atlantic Ocean. The charming province provides ample housing options ranging from bachelor apartment rentals to multi-bedroom apartments, or housing rentals. Boasting numerous career and educational opportunities, New Brunswick is ideal for most anyone who is looking to settle down in a new rental home.

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Newfoundland Apartments

Rentit makes finding the ideal rental apartment, townhome or house in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador fast and easy. Whatever your rental housing needs, long-term or short, you will find a variety of exceptional properties to meet them. Every property listed on Rentit features a photograph, listing of amenities, pricing, contact information and more.

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Nova Scotia Apartments

Rentit is your online source for finding apartments, town homes and a wide range of rental properties available in the province of Nova Scotia. Whatever your specific housing needs, you will find a variety of long and short-term rental properties to meet them. Each listing here features: Photograph of the individual property Full amenities Pricing Contact information and more Rentit is the easiest, most convenient way to find the ideal rental apartment or home in the city or neighbourhood in the Province if Nova Scotia you are searching for.

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Prince Edward Island Apartments

Welcome to Rentit, your source for houses, townhomes, apartments and exceptional rental properties currently on the market throughout the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI). Whatever your rental housing needs, you will find a variety of long and short-term properties to meet them. Rentit gives you all you need to choose the rental home that is right for you: a full list of amenities, image of the property, cost, and the phone number and contact information of the realtor. You'll find your favorite in no time.

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