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Although moving to a new apartment or rental house is exciting, there is no doubt that hunting for a home can also be overwhelming and stressful. With so many fabulous options in the stunning province of British Columbia, you may not even know where to begin. Fortunately, we are here to help make your hunt for a new home as seamless as possible. Whether you are looking for a simple bachelor unit, or a three bedroom apartment for a family, we are happy to be your guide for selecting a place to live in British Columbia. 

Enjoy The Natural Beauty of British Columbia

Teeming with wildlife and geographical marvels, it's no wonder that Canadians and individuals from around the world continue to migrate to British Columbia. Sharing a boarder with the Pacific Ocean and housing a stretch of the Rocky Mountains, the province boasts beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see. Its vast forests make British Columbia a safe haven for many species of animals that are otherwise extinct across the continent, and also creates a peaceful environment for its human population.

What Activities British Columbia Has to Offer
Outdoor enthusiasts are thrilled with the opportunities for fishing, hiking, skiing, and exploring the many national and provincial parks nestled within British Columbia's borders. In addition to outdoor activities, the province is ideal for inhabitants who enjoy the arts or are history buffs, as British Columbia houses a wide variety of museums, galleries, theaters, and more. 

Find Lots of Rental Options in British Columbia
Regardless of your preferences and needs, there is a perfect rental home for you in British Columbia. City Slickers will prosper in Vancouver - the most densely populated city in all of Canada. In fact, half of all British Columbia residents have settled in Vancouver.

The city offers culture, ample employment opportunities, and easy access for getting from Point A to Point B via the Sky Train. Neighborhoods like Kitsilano (Kits) are extremely popular for a younger, more active population due to its close proximity to downtown and the city's University. Over half of the dwellings in the area consist of rental homes and the views are excellent.

Many young families flock to the Mount Pleasant neighborhood which boasts fabulous schools and a more quiet lifestyle, yet with everything you could need. Areas like Dunbar and Kerrisdale cater to the needs of those who prefer residential neighborhoods with single-family homes.

Of course, the city of Victoria is also quite popular with its cultural and historical downtown, surrounded by friendly residential neighborhoods like Fairfield and James Bay.

Average Rental Rates in British Columbia
It is easy to find an affordable British Columbia apartment rental. Of course the major drawback of settling in the more heavily popular cities like Vancouver and Victoria is that rent is higher, however, still very reasonable.

On average, a bachelor in Vancouver can be rented in the mid $800s, a single bedroom in the mid $900 range, and a two bedroom in the low $1200s, whereas the rental prices in Victoria are typically $100 cheaper per month.

A less expensive alternative to Victoria can be found in the neighboring city of Duncan, with bachelor rates in the mid $500s, single bedrooms in the mid $600s, and two bedrooms in the mid $700s and rentals in Abbotsford will provide easy access to Vancouver at rates similar to those in Duncan. 

Find more information on average rental rates in British Columbia here (PDF)

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